Is there any future or hope to the survivors of the senseless crisis in South Sudan The ongoing crisis and hostilities engulfing the Republic of South Sudan , has recall the whole world and the people of the South Sudan to what the Arab ( Northerners ) used to apply as an scapegoat that Junubien or southerners will not be able rule themselves or the south led by southerners will led into new Somalia in the East Africa. Thought the statement come from the northerners was more politically motivated and in politics there is no moral or ethics given the fact that politics is guide by interest for survival in the confused environment. With ongoing crisis and the way it was responded by those who claim to be freedom fighter fighting for justice , equality , freedom and prosperity for the sake of marginalized peoples in the former old Sudan and misled the people of south Sudan as leaders has been fatal mistake for the international community, regional and local communities who are now exposed to the worse crisis and risk y situation than when Sudan was united. The recent crisis can happen in any society in any country but the respond to the crisis itself show how those society can be able to live as nation and accommodate their diversities to make it strong nation. But for the case of the south Sudan, the respond has shifted the National agenda to tribal kingdoms agenda which are eating themselves and tearing the whole nation to nothing. The shift of the political crisis to tribal crisis makes the solution more complex and complicated not only at the National level but also at the regional and International level. The shift of the political crisis to tribal crisis disconnected the political leaders from the reality that is happening at the ground level. The dinka are mobilizing to fight Nuer and Nuer is mobilizing to resist mass killing and invasion by the Dinka government. The shift also put the Nationalists from both Dinka and Nuer tribe at the weakest position because the political nature of the crisis is abandon and the government has lost control over the people it claimed to be ruling . The shift also put those who pretend to be nationalists at potential risk for revenge killing from the both sides of the conflict. The shift make the environment very in conducive for both people who are still interested to remain in the government from Nuer community and also prevent the dinkas who frustrated from the Juba government to join the rebel ranks .The slogans used by both rebel fighters and government militias are not aiming toward building an inclusive new nation. The people who are now fighting the from both government and rebel forces are not trained or loyal soldiers to those who claimed them to be their army. Those fighters only know the fighting is mainly between Dinka and Nuer and they have nothing about the national agenda. The politicians may waste resources in Addis Ababa in hotel but the people who dying from both sides are not fighting to remove or to protect the government but to protect their identity as tribe. The recent reshuffles within army general headquarters has also shown how those non military fighters can influence the decision of what so call government of south Sudan . Instead of reversing the shift of the political crisis to the tribal crisis. The appointment of the two senior army positions from Bhar elgazal region has shown how president advisors has taken short sight and localize the national agenda to become more tribal with complicated solution not only at the national level but also at regional and international level. The question before the people of south Sudan and international community is what is the future of such a fragile state and how can regional and international community can rescue the survivors of the senseless conflict before they all perishes in the hand of tribal warlords in the republic of the South Sudan. Based on my personal interviews and assessment on the current crisis I would recommend four points. 1. Urgent signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord with formation of the coalition government between the what so call Dinka led government of South Sudan and those who claimed to be Nuer Rebel or freedom fighters. This will reflect all two fighting tribes till election is conducted under supervision of regional and International community. 2. Urgent imposition of moderate leader who will be acceptable by the both Nuer rebellion and Dinka led Government to lead the transitional period till election is conducted. 3. The Regional and International community should empower leaders from minority group who have ambition to lead this country till election is conducted. 4. The regional and international community has obligation to rescue the survivors of this cruel crisis by putting the new nations under United Nation trusteeship till it empower the emerging leadership. Thought those four points may not resolve the whole problem could prepare the ground for getting durable solution to this crisis and it will give people of south Sudan time to assess the unnecessary war imposed on them by lack of good governance , rule of law and weak or poor government institutions in the country . Given the high illiteracy rate in the South Sudan there is high potential risk that any solution which does not reflect tribal basis as win-win approach will not cease the ongoing crisis and this country will total be disintegrated into tribal areas like Somalia and Afghanistan. The writer is concern south Sudanese and Master of International Relations and Diplomacy Researchers and can be reach via

Is there any future or hope for the survivors of the senseless crisis in South Sudan

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